• Compact & Smart,Speed 8 meters per minute
    • Film sensor built in,stop when no film
    • No belt, No preheating
    • Length preset.Works both air pillow filler and bubbles wrapper
    • Capable with different extension system like the arm stand and basket,and foot pedal etc.,
    • Fast and more efficient
    • MINI AIR EASi 2 Air Cushion System,Bubble Wrap Packaging Machine

      Air Pillow Maker Machine,Inflatable Air Packaging  System, Air Bags Machine

      This is the ultra small air cushion machine – MINI AIR EASi 2. It weighs only 6 pounds and is smaller than a 17 inch laptop!

      If you have limited storage space for packing peanuts and prefilled bubble wrapping, look no further, this ultra portable air cushion machine has a smaller footprint than a laptop. It's a great alternative to bulky bubble packing materials. It will make your workspace much more organized and neat.


      This one little machine makes industrial strength packaging supplies with 2 different types of inflatable packaging.
      The result, you get superior bubble materials, product protection made on demand that cost less and take up a fraction of the space of traditional bubble wrapping, packing peanuts or other void fill packaging supplies.
      The Mini Air Easi is reliable, easy to operate and cost effective. The cost of the machine will be quickly offset by lowering labor and reducing cost of storing and using bulky packing materials.

      1. Machine only 3 kgs
      2. No spare part needed
      3. Costing saver & stock saving
      4. Air and temperature adjustable
      5. Logo print available on film,build up your own logo
      6. Well sealed without air leakage

      *** Size smaller than a basketball ***
      Workable size Both Filler and Wrapper
      Faster speed, 26ft/min
      No Belt, less maintenance
      Work both air pillow and air bubbles
      Has film sensor to stop automatically while film run out
      Able to work with foot pedal, free your hands


      This MINI AIR EASi 2 air cushion machine is ideal for a small shipping department.

      It is very simple to use while helping you save tons of money over other cushioning products.

      Also simple to maintain. No belts to change and at a much smaller price that won't break the budget.

      Machine makes many different size of air cushion, can match all your packing requirement.

      The matching film roll:

      1.MINI AIR Filler (Air Pillow)

      2.MINI AIR Wrapper(Air Bubble)


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